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B250 Links for SEO

Link building for SEO is important because it is still part of Googles SEO ranking algorithm. Reasons to find websites to link to you can be to increase your keyword search ranking, your overall website rank, sending high value traffic to your site, growing your authority on your topic, bringing traffic that may then amplify your site like some social media sites could.

You need to be strategic in how to get links. The first step is to create content that is worth sharing. You can go to and that allows you to search by topic to see other sites who are getting links so you can see what kind of content already has high demand. Once you have identified good content, you can redesign it, update it, or expand on it. is a good site to see how your content is doing.

AuthorCrawler or and can help you put together a list of websites you can link with. Create an excel sheet with the subject, domain, the reach it has, its authority and recent posts. Then you can put columns with your outreach efforts with dates and how you contacted them and the response.

When you contact people be of value. See what they may have as broken links on their website with

You can tell them how your site fills a gap they have. Have a good subject on the email, and add your contact information including your site. Then you upkeep your links by making sure they stay working. You can use google search console’s Crawl Error report to search out any of your pages that return a 404 error. And the make sure your links stay active.

B250 Weekly Reflection SEO and Social Media

Having good social media traffic is very good for your SEO.

It is important to create a social media plan with any website. You can choose social media platforms like facebook, youtube, instagram, twitter, and others. You can also find other bloggers or vloggers to crosslink your posts with and even invite them to do something together. You need to identify your audience so that you can properly pick the right platforms and you would want to create the right content for them. Linked in for instance is mainly for business contacts and maybe would not work so well for your type of site.

It is important to remember many people are using mobile when looking at their social media sites. You also want to use analytics to track each of the different social media platforms you use. Most have their own and you can also use google analytics.

You need to make your content segmented, appropriate for the audience segment you are writing to. Make sure your content is searchable. Make it easy to read, with charts, headings, tables. And make it so it can be shared.

B250 Weekly Reflection Landing Page and SEO

A landing page is the page people get to when they click on your ad. It is important to turn interested visitors into customers. To do this, make sure you feature what you promised in your ad, make it easy for people to find what they are looking for, and encourage them to take action with a call to action such as book now, buy now, etc. You can also improve your landing page. Offer relevant and useful content, be clear about what your business does. Make it easy to navigate through your site, easy to understand, and decrease the loading time of your page. You can test how fast your loading time is on If your landing page has a form field, pre-populate the cursor in the first field. This will increase conversion rates. If there are people in your page, have them look in the direction you want your reader to look at such as the call to action. Add testimonials to your page. Use trust icons next to your call to action button such as visa logos, McAfee Secure logos, industry awards. Make your landing page simple with one call to action.

You can experiment with multiple landing pages to see which one does better with analytics.

For good SEO you want to consider that words and headlines matter on your pages. Your title is also important and so are links from credible sites linking to your page. Search engines can tell the difference between credible sites and bogus sites you try to link from. Words used in links on your website are also important. Reputation is good, so a consistent record of fresh engaging content is good. has more in-depth information on how to write your titles using the key word phrase closer to the beginning of a title. H1 is important to also be similar to the title. Using the keywords in the body text, URL, and image names and alt attributes also helps. It is important to add a Meta description that would be used by readers to click on your page.

B250 Weekly Reflection Measure Adword Success

Measure your clicks and click through rate. A good rate is 1%. Your keywords should have a good quality score (5 or higher) and a good CTR in order for you to keep them on. Pause or remove ones that have poor scores and rate.

A search term report is important to look at. You can see what search words people are clicking to find your ads. You can then add irrelevant words to your negative keywords and you can add good ones to your keywords and ad.

Use conversion tracking to see which keywords or campaigns are the ones driving traffic to your website and turning into sales.

Calculating your ROI with adwords – It is imortant to make sure you are making money with your ad campaigns. To calculate your profit, you look at your return on investment:

total sales – (your product cost and adwords total cost) / (your product cost and adwords total cost) = your ROI percent

B250 Weekly Reflection Google Adwords/Analytics and Quality Score

For google ads, Google uses a quality score to decide which position an ad should be displayed in. Google bases your quality score on your keyword relevance, the quality of your landing page, and how long your page takes to load. Ways to optimize your quality score is to have a good quality click through rate. You can increase it by having your keywords in your ad, both the heading and body. You can add negative keywords and make your landing page relevant to your keywords. Focus on having 4 or less keywords per ad. If your quality score is too low, google may not be showing the ads very often or you may be paying too much per click.

You should set up google analytics and paste the code on your website. Once you do this, you should link it to your adwords campaign so that you can track your advertising better.

B250 Weekly Reflection Text Ads

A text ad will have a headline, a URL, and a description. You should think of words to use on your headline that are descriptive to your landing page. It is good to use at least one word that would have been used by a person to search for you. This is what they want, so it is best to not vary from it too much.  For instance, someone searches inflatable bounce house, that probably should be on your headline. Making that too different may confuse a person or make them overlook your ad. In the text you should highlight what makes you unique from your competition. You should put down any promotions or percents off you are offering. Create a call to action that has purchase, call today, order, browse, sign up, or get a quote. Make sure you match your ad to the landing page. Try a few ads and see which ones are most successful to keep running.

B250 Weekly Reflection Keywords for adwords


Think like a customer and find the keywords you think they would search for.  Narrow the products you sell and use those as your keywords. Create different ad campaigns for each theme/products your site has. Be specific and the more you have the better, successful campaign ad groups have 5 to 20 keywords. Using negative keywords is a good way to make sure your ad does not show up with the wrong keywords in it. Keyword planner can estimate how many clicks you would get with specific keywords and increase your bid on words that work. For keywords, google automatically adds misspelled, singular, or plural words. For negative phrase match keywords, those are exact match so you would need to add everything (other words can appear in the search too but as long as your exact match is there too, it would not appear). For negative broad match, the words could be in different order but they all must appear to not be included. With negative exact match, your keywords must match exactly with no other words present.