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Six Months in Mexico

20160818_115754I drove with my 3 children to Mexico late July of 2016. We enjoyed some vacation time in Ensenada, Mexico where I was born and made Rocky Point, Mexico our home for the rest of the time. We stayed at a beach front house. This was our backyard:


We lived about 10 minutes away from my mother’s home and were there most of the day on school days. My children were enrolled in public school as of August 2016.IMG-20161109-WA0003

My eight year old daughter Isabella took sewing lessons for $15 dollars ($300 pesos) per week. Her teacher would come to my mother’s home and teach her for two hours three times per week. Both girls took guitar lessons for approx. $22 dollars for both of them ($450 pesos) per month going for one hour per week. The kids also did other things but these were the most beneficial things for them. It was a lot of work. They started school at 7:30 am and ended at noon. They had a lot of homework and I had to translate all of it for them. I was sometimes up past 9 pm doing homework with them. My younger daughter was getting a B average and my older daughter was getting a 9.9 out of 10 making her one of the top of her class. During their free time, they would watch television shows in Spanish. We would go to the movies and they were in Spanish. I arranged play dates for them once in a while. They went to birthday parties and had their own birthday parties as well. After the six months, my three children can now understand when I speak to them in Spanish. They will not speak back to me in normal conversation but they know how to answer simple questions in Spanish and have a simple conversation with someone.

They learned how to dance the Mexican Hat Dance,  Jarabe Tapatio. My youngest sewed her own skirt for the dance. We ordered the costume for my son and had it shipped to us from Guadalajara. The two girls performed in their guitar recital in December and were singing all the Christmas songs in Spanish. The girls also learned several dances at school to perform during their celebrations. They took part in the two Mexican Revolutions, Day of the Dead, and  Christmas celebrations.

20160910_105047Much of my family lives in Arizona, about 4 hours away, and they visited often. We enjoyed time with them. One of my favorite things to do is get fish pedicures in my backyard. The small fish would swim up to our feet and eat. We purchased an Arctic Cat to ride around town. I sold it when I left for not a penny less than I spent on it.


We traveled to Arizona for Halloween at the request of my children because it is not so fun in Mexico. There are a few stores that will give out candy and that is about it. We also were fortunate enough to be in Arizona in December and we went to a friend’s church party where the kids got to see Santa arriving in a helicopter.

Many great moments made our trip fun.

My daughter had a Mad Hatter birthday party. My brother hired a band to serenade my mother on her birthday.  My son danced with his kindergarten class. We went to my niece’s family’s ranch and went horse back riding. We went claming at the ocean and cooked our clams. We purchased Chinese fireworks for New Years and had a grand fireworks display. We shared a virgin piña colada inside a pineapple. My daughter danced at school. The kids had two Star Wars themed parties.