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12A Brochure Project



Design a brochure for a company.

PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles)
I created my logo in illustrator. I added a background in photoshop to my logo. I sketched a few ideas of how to layout my brochure. This helped me narrow down ideas. I then created a sitemap in Indesign. I began adding pictures into my sitemap. I then wrote my text and started adding that to the design. until I had a pretty good draft.

The facebook class critiques helped me see that my idea of water background did not add enough contrast and it did not look too good.

I had a one on one critique with Emily from the tutor center. She helped me realign my logo and the top phrase Experience the Best of to be the same width. She also helped me move my contact information to the back side of brochure rather than the front. After talking to her, we also added more contrast in the font having the titles be a larger font.

My critique from my instructor brought about a couple changes. I made a little higher contrast in my coupon section and I got rid of the ocean background I previously had. I also moved down my picture titles so they would not look as though they were floating.

I did a second one on one critique with Helaman from the tutor center. With his help, I realized I should change up the pictures on my coupon page to take up the entire little coupon square. Helaman suggested in my history paragraph that I did not want text on the crease, because of that, I tried different ways of changing the text to two sections so that I would not have the text on the fold line.

My teacher critique brought about more changes. I got rid of the borders on my images and I had them bleed off the page. I changed my text wrap to wrap around all of the image. I also aligned my paragraphs and titles a little better.

To provide visitors of Rocky Point information on the best things to do there.

People who love to travel to a beach destination.

Alignment especially for the type of brochure you want to create.

Split Complementary // Blue, Gold, and Brick, with a hint of yellow

Norwester // San Serif

Calisto MT // Serif



Beach pictures and statue were my own. Others, sources:


Sunset Cruise





Birld Island:

10A Web Page Mockup


Description: Design a webpage home page using a grid

Process: I began by deciding on what idea I was going to create a web page for. I want to do a travel blog/website and also a money management website. I was not sure how to put them together into one. I started sketching some ideas and I realized that I could create one website all about me that has the travel and money management/investing in it. I then created a sitemap using the 16 column grid on Photoshop. My design stayed pretty close to the sitemap and I changed just a few things. I designed it using photoshop. I struggled with my color scheme a lot. I knew green was going to be in it and originally I had complementary red with it. I noticed my main picture had blue in it and felt my color scheme had to change.


Critique: I received a few critiques from our facebook page. A main idea I changed was to make my navigation buttons all the same size. I also got a great one on one critique from Helaman, a tutor from our class. He helped me change a lot from my original layout. A lot of it was stuff I knew needed changed. I removed a background that was distracting. I got rid of some color choices that made my website look old fashioned. Helaman made me realize I needed my navigation and footer bars to extend across the page. Helaman also liked the choice of blue on the background. He said it was calming which is appropriate for him when you are talking about money. My navigation buttons were greatly improved by removing a bevel and curve to my rectangles. There was a lot of insight during that meeting. My teacher critique helped me just narrow down the color scheme to two colors. I also changed to images on some of my content as suggested.

Message: Financial Literacy Education for a life of freedom

Audience: Anyone interested in learning financial literacy- how to save in all aspects of life including travel, invest, and start a business.

Top Thing Learned: I learned some very useful shortcuts on Photoshop like ctl T. Unifying elements was also a great lesson when I learned how to create a grid layout.

Color Scheme: Blue and green. Not quite part of any color scheme. I could have added teal to make analogous or brick for split complementary but it looked good simple with the blue and green.

Title Font: Adobe Gothic Std / San Serif

Body Font: Lucida Bright / Serif

Thumbnails of originals: All images are my own




9A HTML & CSS Coding

websiteDescription: Create a custom website with HTML and CSS

Process: I created my logo on illustrator. I resized it to 300 px. I created my HTML file. I changed the CSS according to project instructions. I created the background with a dollar sign image and the background color red. I validated my HTML and CSS code.

Critique Process: My one on one critique was done by my husband. I wanted just a basic website that would satisfy project description. I knew I wanted the dollar sign in the background and to add the red color to it. During my critique my husband felt the red was too bright on the background and it drew his eyes there rather than to the foreground which is what we want to focus on. We decided to go with a really light green instead. Before my H1 heading was a dark green and we decided to tone that down too during the critique. He also said the font choice on my H1 heading was hard to read so we decided to darken it to a black.


Use colors to focus where you want reader to go and don’t use too bright of colors in the background.

Adobe STD B – San Serif

Minion Pro – Serif

Color Scheme: Complementary Red and Green

Images are my own



Create an infographic that organizes data.

1. I brainstormed and decided to create a food storage infographic.
2. I found data on provident living websites and had some information I have collected through the years.
4. I then sketched out some ideas of what I wanted to do.
5. I began my infographic on illustrator.
6. I created charts and graphics using the pen tool.

had some good critiques from facebook that suggested I personalized my graphs and I decided to add number 10 cans to my graphs. From my instructor I got that the type was hard to read and that I should align things better. I went ahead and made those changes. I had my sister in law do my one on one critique. She has never done food storage so it was great for changing my text to more friendly information for everyone.

A simple how to get started with food storage with complete information on all that is required for ingesting.

Anyone interested in starting their food storage or who wants to simplify their methods.

Get opinions from people who don’t know anything about the subject if that is your audience.

Tetradic / green, yellow, red, purple

Elephant / Serif

Myriad Pro / San Serif

The images are my own. I got information from and



Business Identity



Create a logo for a business and establish letter head and business cards.

PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles)
1. I sketched ideas and also different businesses that I wanted to create a logo for.
2. I created some ideas with illustrator. I knew I wanted to stretch money somehow.

Getting feedback was very difficult because everyone had a different opinion. Half the people loved my red guy stretching and the other half said to do without it. I even got feedback to just have the words without the hands or little guys stretching. I decided to incorporate both the two guys stretching as a logo and the Money stretch with the arms stretching as they type.

I met with Heleman one of our online tutors. He suggested to get rid of the little guys stretching all together so that I have one unified logo for everything rather than two logos. He also suggested that I create curves into my design to add contrast. My teacher critique seemed to also want more contrast and also suggested to get rid of the little guys stretching as she felt they were just hanging on the letters. Because of these two critiques, I decided to go with just one simplified logo. My instructor suggested I outline the hands in white to make it more clear to see and I did that.

A website that will allow readers learn how to stretch their dollar and have more to spend.

Wives are my primary audience because there are studies that most often they control the budget and do the spending. Of course men can also benefit from my message but they may lack the patience to implement my ideas.

Contrast is important

Monocromatic Green

Adobe STD B – San Serif

Minion Pro – Serif



I created graphics on illustrator

6A Montage


Description: Design a religious montage using type and blending images.

Process: I placed the garden picture, added some text and played around with the kerning, font, and size. Placed my bee and flipped it horizontally. I added a mask to it and took away the background of the bee with a slight feather. I then added the flower. I refined the edge of it. I added the basket of fruits and vegetables. I cut and pasted it with a 45 feather. Then I added a mask to remove the outer area with 100% brush. I then took a 30% brush to smooth in on the edges. I used the clone tool to remove any purple and orange vegetables as my color scheme is only looking for blue, yellow, green, and red. I added some more cherry tomatoes and lettuce. Then I added some strawberries and blue berries to it. I masked the opacity on the edges a little to match the rest of the vegetables and fruits. I added a spatter filter to the background garden. I did not want to do any major filter because I liked that the background was a garden.


From my class critiques on facebook, I changed my white font to yellow. I added a few more green elements to my background picture under some of my font and I selected just that area to darken a bit so the font would stand out more. Someone mentioned my lilac colors were pretty and I realized, I don’t want that in my color scheme so I used the curve adjustment to remove any red from selected areas of the background. That turned them all blue which is a color I want.

From the instructor critique, I changed my font and took away any kerning. I also changed the color of my three main words. Instructor thought the flow was off because I should be focusing on the words and then the fruits and vegetables as being the most important as the great thing that comes to pass. I took her advice and moved things around a little. I made sure the text was the first thing to see by changing the location and the color of the three words so the eye goes there first. I felt that was a good idea. I shrunk my flower a bit to take the eye to it right away and I increased the fruits and vegetables a bit. I added more of them. However, I left the bee large because my message is small and simple things are of major importance. I think it is good to have the great things that come to pass but I like to focus on the small and simple things I do every day to remind myself of their importance. Without bees, we would be in serious trouble. The wind pollinates but it is not enough.

Message: Small and simple things are important and God has created so much for us to be able to have greatness. The end of this scripture is that these small and simple things confound the wise.

Audience: Anyone who wants to be uplifted and appreciate all that we and others do that is simple but of great importance.

Top thing learned: How to navigate and change colors of thing.

Color Scheme: Big split complementary blue, yellow, green, and red

Title font: Brush Script STD – script ,smaller title font: Lucida Bright Demibold- serif

Thumbnails of originals:


5A Photo Design Project


Description: Use photography and design skills to create a project with a consistent color scheme from the image.

Process: I decided on the color scheme. I knew I wanted to take a picture of the neighborhood tree. My daughter discovered it and they love climbing inside it and playing there. Later we heard random kids running to the park saying, “I’ll beat you to our tree!” It is a dear tree to children. The tree is green but the branches have varied colors of yellow. I put that together with the split complementary color scheme and chose violet as the third color. I added a unicorn and changed its color to violet by changing to lab color mode and doing a curve adjustment to only the unicorn selection.

I changed the levels to make it stand out a little more. I added vibrance and just a little saturation. I selected the yellows and greens and increased the yellow tones in it to have the green and the yellow stand out more. I created an 11×8.5 document in photoshop, put my picture in it. I added two rectangles and some type. I placed sun shapes to show the colors chosen for color scheme and also added a sun shape to go under some of my text. I used the circle part of the sun to put underneath text of my title. I paid attention to alignment.

Critique Process: I had a critique by Heleman from the tutoring center. One thing he helped with is in choosing font. I originally had a script font with a decorative and he suggested a San Serif with a decorative to look better. Originally my black rectangle at the bottom was a light shade of green. We were unsure if that would follow assignment guidelines and I switched it to black. His other suggestion was to simplify my swatches. Originally I had two shades of green and yellow. It made it look cleaner to just do 3 color swatches, representative of 3 colors in split complementary.

I also had a critique by our instructor Sister Tranberg. The most important thing that came out of that was that I should add violet to my actual picture. Having violet before in just the font and color swatch made it look weird but when I added the unicorn, it showed up better on the overall image. She also suggested I do a lighter shade of violet. Originally I had a dark violet. I think the softer tone looked good. Sister Tranberg also suggested the black line at the bottom was too dark, but again with the assignment I was unsure if I could use another shade and if I chose the same one as the swatches, it would mute out. I instead chose to add another dark bar at the top to bring it all together which was another suggestion. I tried white instead of black but it did not look as good to me. I also was reminded to align images better. I put the sun at the bottom and the bar under the text Split Complementary under the black bar to help that alignment.

Message: Nature can be converted to special make believe moments helping children’s imagination shine.

Audience: Parents and children who love nature and creating something with nature.

Color scheme: Split Complementary – green, yellow, and violet.

Title Font and category: Ravie – Decorative

Copy Font and category: Verdana Regular and Italic – San Serif

Top thing I learned: Simplifying looks better. I think less color swatches cleaned everything up. Also aligning things does look better than randomly placing text.

Thumbnail of Original Unedited photo

The tree

Additional Image Sources:

The image of the tree is my own.