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I have been a stay at home mom since my now 19 year old was a baby. Being a mom has been a priority, although tough at times because I want to grow businesses and build wealth. I came up with creative ways that I could stay at home and still build wealth at the same time. My husband makes a 5 figure income but with my methods, I have enjoyed a 6 figure income lifestyle. For some years it has been very difficult because I put ourselves on a hardcore budget for 7 years where we would not go out much unless it was on vacation. My methods are mainly in saving a lot of money on food and every day items at home and not wasting by eating out or going out all the time. I then take all my savings and invest in real estate – residential rentals, commercial rentals, and a vacation rental. These investments have paid off well and create more income for me to continue investing.

I also am a realtor and own a party rental business.

I enjoy traveling and as we are still saving for retirement and watching our money, I save a lot of money when I travel. I take luxuries by purchasing things used that can be resold for the same purchase price or more. And I continue to have my family as my first priority.

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