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Will Save $214.88 in one year

I got Century Link to give me $10 per month discount above anything advertised. I will get a $25 gift card mailed. I purchased my modem for $50 rather than lease at $9.99 per month.

Look up Discounts

I stumbled across a way to save money when I was ordering internet. I took my usual steps of being informed on what the price points are for internet providers. I looked around for coupons in the mail and online. I found the cheapest would be Century Link. I don’t need anything fancy or fast; I just need to be able to get online. They had a $29.95 40 Mbps plan with a $25 gift card if you ordered online. Online it did not give me the option to not lease or purchase a modem so I decided to call it in and still ask for my gift card. At the same time, I googled other offers. There was one I found for $150 gift card and others like $50 credit. None of the coupons had much of an explanation on them.

Ask for Discounts

I called Century Link, armed with their promotions. When I called, I mentioned I wanted the coupons to work. I got either a very bad employee or perhaps it was his way of getting more commision. He said there was no way for him to apply promotions and that once he got me signed up, I could call customer service and they would apply the promotions. I found that to be very strange and asked him what would happen if I signed up and they were not going to apply the promotions. He said it was no problem because I could cancel within 30 days. I knew this sounded weird but I figured I would sign up anyway.

Speak to the retention/cancellation department

Once signed up, I called customer service and they found my conversation with the person signing me up strange as well; they said they could do nothing but would that the retention department could do something. He found it all strange too because the promotions are there as promotions to close the sale (this is why I thought maybe the boy on the phone was trying to give me as least as possible on his end to close the deal and get his commisions). The $150 gift card was for bundle deals and it would not work. I told him about the $25 gift card online but that I was unable to get it because online would not give an option that I already own a modem. And I said I wanted the $100 gift card then too. He said he could bundle me with a broadband something and save $10 per month for the next 12 months. As I was trying to make sure he was not upgrading me, my connection was lost. I waited for a call back and did not get one, so I called back. I called back and when I did, the lady on the phone said the change was already made, I would be on the $29.95 plan, get $10 off per month, making it $19.95 and that I will be mailed a $25 gift card. After all the added on recovery fees etc. I think my bill will be about $24.60. The only plan that is $19.95 is one that has to be bundled with phone service. There currently is not a plan for less than $29.95 for internet. There is not an advertised promotion that allows for this type of discount.

Verify your discounts

Apparently Century Link has a tendency to send their modems even if you specifically ask that they don’t send it because you own one. Then they bill you. Mine was being leased at $9.99 per month. You have to return the modem and get that cancelled. I returned my modem and called to make sure they refunded that amount. The agent on the phone was going to remove only the $9.99 from the monthly fee, but in another section of the bill, there was a $1 fee from the lease outside the billing period from the date I got service until the billing period started. So I had to point it out to get removed. There is no cost to return the modem, but I almost just kept it for simplicity as it was already here. I figured I would pay the $100 they charge for one; I did not realize they set it up as a lease instead of a purchase.

Buy your own modem – Save another $50 to $70

I did not like the fees so I looked up on Craigslist and found some modems. One person wanted $75. I offered $50 and she said no. I looked on ebay and there were quite a few of them on auction and some buy it now prices starting about $60. I finally found someone on Craigslist who wanted $60 and took $50. I was nervous about it because some on ebay said fully updated etc. I wondered if there were updates they needed or something, but I just made sure I got the same model. I plugged it in; it works, I am returning the old one. I also made sure the guy on Craigslist said I could take it back if it did not work. And it was only like 3 months old so probably ok. Also, in the past I have purchased a modem for internet and the same model worked for a few years. So I was pretty optimistic that if I found the same model being sold by Century Link, it would work. The technician that set up my internet said to be careful buying used because he saw many people thinking they could do it only to find out their modems would not work. He worried me a bit so that is something to consider. In a year I would have been charged $119.88 leasing the modem, or purchasing $100 plus whatever taxes they tack on. Instead, I paid $50.

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